Support the project

We are always looking for support to drive the project ahead, no matter if it is material or intellectual contribution. It’s for a good cause. There are two ways to support our project and become part of it.

Intellectual Support


Since Negotiations for the World (NFTW) should be a project for everyone by everyone, we are highly motivated to pick up as many volunteers as possible. This project should be accessible and free for everyone. Our goal is to do something good and valuable and follow the movement of free EdTech.


Just contact us – we need a hand everywhere. Are you good in coding? Do you have contacts in your network who could benefit from the idea? Do you have a blog? Or do you want to participate but don’t know where to start?
No worries – we got a lot to do and appreciate every help. It’s for good.

Financial Support


As a small group of students, we try to follow the low-cost-approach and when launching new services, we always go with the minimum viable product (MVP). But even with these methods, running such a project requires a small investment. If you like the idea and are unsure how to support, please contact us and we can talk about it in details.


There are two ways to financial support us. You can:
a) Donate via Paypal, or
b) Donate via a Bank Transfer
Currently, we are not looking for financial support and are more interested in intellectual support with spreading the word of this project.

Our Partners

In our mission to make the power of negotiation available to everyone, we have support from awesome people at renowned institutions
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