Sleep expert predicts the future of sleep

sleep Expert predicts the future of sleep

Sleep is becoming an increasingly important aspect of healthy lifestyles. Doctors and health enthusiasts have long mostly focussed on nutrition and exercise as the two keys to a long and healthy life. Over the last years however, science has finally woken up to the importance of sleep for healthy living.

According to the latest research, sleep is vital for virtually every biological and psychological aspect of our body, from memory to muscular restoration and general psychological well-being. It is therefore increasingly common for doctors, business leaders and athletes and promote the importance of sleep for happy, healthy lives.

An important question then is: “how much sleep are we going to get in the future?” To answer this question, sleep expert Dr. Mark Smith has analysed the sleep data reported by thousands of people over the last few years (see graph below).

Based on all the data Dr. Mark Smith has seen, Dr. Mark Smith predicts that there are 2 possible trends for how much sleep we are likely to get in 2020: these 2 trends are marked by point A and point B in the graph below.

How much sleep will we get in 2020? According to Dr. Mark Smith, 2 trends are possible: 1) point A and 2) point B.

Dr. Mark Smith
  • Sleep expert Dr. Mark Smith predicted 2 scenarios for 2020:

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