Negotiations for the World

Our vision is to make negotiation skills freely available globally by empowering local teachers through the world’s first negotiations course in a box.

We are looking for local heroes to spread the word of negotiation to students across the world. Wherever you are, no experience required.

We also appreciate any other support, no matter if it is material or intellectual to drive the project ahead. It’s for a good cause.

Our Mission

Negotiations for the World

Our vision is to bring negotiation education into the far corners of the world by empowering local instructors everywhere to teach negotiations.

Vital skills

Negotiation skills are vital for career success in today's world. Your students will benefit from these skills throughout their careers.

Bring peace

Negotiating can help the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Our hope is that your students will be able to resolve some of their own personal conflicts more successfully.

Courses taught
Instructors teaching
People involved
Languages spoken

Our Partners

In our mission to make the power of negotiation available to everyone, we have support from awesome people at renowned institutions
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